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tv   [untitled]    May 29, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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maximize the youth issues over the summer by leveraging the programs that the puc is having. and developing core elements across the internship programs and i'll close with the next steps that closing includes an item you'll be looking at in our business section. so for the current budget cycle the board of supervisors added back one-hundred $4 million to be used in the youth programs. this is consistent with the mayor's effort to really lift up and maximize opportunities over the summer. to his goal is to make sure that 6 thousand people are to be
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employed. and the summer we have about seven hundred and 20 told us every year. and for this upcoming summer we're implementing budget deadline issues. we have a long track record of implementing youth programs so whether it's through the youth project or the summer programs we'll be using the ad funds. in addition we'll are piloting a process where we'll be engaging nonprofit as part of the strategy that will be tied to the f i p projects. we'll be trying to scale what
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works. and the evaluation and monitoring will be done this summer. this slide shows a list of the programs that the f ic already supports. this is a partnership with the department of public works. there's the internship programs which is with the family department. there's the south east summer internship program that is in partnership with the a caldwell and then we'll be scaling up the
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project that is partnership with the sheriff's department. and then lastly, the cabin summer program will be spearhead by one of our private sectors. expanding those is where the funds will go to. it allows us to leverage the variations programs. and in addition it let's us continue to partner with our private sector partners. the other component which we are really excited but has us expanding beyond the promises to partnership with the agency
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throughout san francisco. where youths will be gaengd to go to all the activities. that ends up where the non profit community allows us to see have investments that are happening outs in the community. and it allows us to help the disadvantaged folks. logically to pilot this new exponent that will have us
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developing around the pilots is we're asking you to give the general manage approval to solicit proposals that will be in june to budget local organizations with an average grant of around $10,000. and the projects would be completed around the end of the summer. we're working across the programs. those programs are happening you know the young people are based on what programs they'll be coming through. and we're developing the garden projects that they would have
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common messages and material and have the same opportunities for employment. all of the young people will have the same opportunities to go on the sewer tours and we would create a process to track the young people over time so if a young person do they come back the way they came or go on for more tours. so seeing a benefit to the agency as we educate that next germane. and at the same time create this you diverse piping of folks who can help meet our employment needs. and the young people will know when you tap their learning
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experience they'll have employment over the summer. i will cover item 11 to solicit the proposals and then at the end of the semiwe'll bring some young people to come in here and talk about to you >> thank you for a very ambitious program. >> any public comments? >> commissioners our mayor means when will when he wants to expose our youth during this summertime to save life that these yesterday we had 3 knuckleheads go into the mission
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and shoot people and need to be caught apparently we have some very serious you problems in the southeast sector we deal with on a daily basis. and the mayor is aware of it. and so is chief gregory. and we do this in our own way. you've seen some of the young money amino come here before and they put their lives on the line. commissioners what really helps a human being is to get a career job like all of you have a career. so did i. always proud to do my job
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putting in the extra hours and very proud that the six united states army gave me watch. and one when i used my logistics to help folks in the 1987 earthquake. we can start introducing our youth i don't like calling them kids our youth introduce them to contrary jobs. that's what we need. the mayor means well. 27 cranes in the ask a by the mayor needs to look at our infrastructure down below
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something is not working. back to back traffic. our pipes, our infrastructure. slowly we are dealing with that. commissioners you need to sit down with the primes and request them. can you at the end of this eight or ten years can you prepare 10, 15 young men and women and give them contrary jobs then you will have done a good job. thank you very much >> thank you, very much for your support of ms. ellis's project. >> i'd like to say that we have had under the d.c. u i think is a youth and family that we had a
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few agencies in our community that is very violent to the existence of the community. did not get funded. i i would like to see o agencies that did not get funded from various other city agencies be considered for funding under oath opportunities in the city where they're a lot of agencies their well-connected and they get money await even having to ask. they're representing the mass they get most of the money but still there are other agencies in the community. is not funded. and we would like to see these agencies that is vital to the
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community in other ways be moved to the top of the list and be considered as one of the agencies getting funded under this program >> thank you for those comments and a thank you. i think the summer workforce program is really great. i have heard kind of a common themes which is around community outreach and response to the rfps. i'd like to invite anybody to submit any names to our secretary of organizations that might be qualified are we should be doing further outreach. we want to make sure we're reaching as many community folks as possible. we can make sure that the groups that are out there we don't know
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about to receive potential contractors as well as any community folks can be at the table and be part of the discussion. thank you >> any other comments on that report. public comments? >> good afternoon commissioners. executive director. since the conspire requested some names of the organizations i have the job of speaking for young community developers and we are a 40 year grassroots organization. and currently we are part of the sewer system internship program that ms. ellis discussions
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but we went from 15 interims from last year to increase that. and being provided with internships and agricultural and government relationships. we're excited about that but we're excited about more resources to provide more opportunities for young people. and we're providing life skills and job programs so those youth who didn't pass a program during the regular school will have another opportunity. we're definitely asking that the puc should gist in all resources we have the capacity and we have the ability to demonstrate great
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skills. we do work close with other agrees and the gentleman talked about some of the cuts of some of our indigenous programs. so thank you very much. >> so which are the 4 or 5 companies that are providing our organization the financial support. >> we get you resources from the puc commission and my deputies can talk about more of the other opportunities that come up this year. >> sure have him come up. >> welcome. >> so i work with ms w.
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>> any other questions ms. >> good for you. >>. >> audiotape comment. >> let me say this. when maybe - the funding was coming from my own cities. they changed the name but the grant that was being funded to us now go to evenlg and we don't get nothing we get a few crumbs. i want to say that i'm glad you brought the statement up fran
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>> because of fact that last week's meeting at the commissioners meeting the subject came up about funding and nobody in the room knew about that but the woman in the room knew about it said we've got until next week. >> he the lady said i can give you 4 names now bus the people who have been born and life in that community. i hope you pass think the budget i gave you. for an outreach component we know we can trust to make sure
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that the citizens are going to get the information. thank you so kindly >> staff heard that. any other comments? >> all right. mr. jensen. >> thank you for your patience. >> oh, it's a pleasure. short report wanted to note we had our 10 year event. it was well attended. members of the staff from the agencies and various allies. everyone was there. julia and i want to give a
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special thanks to commissioner moraine. it was great. beyond that i look forward to addressing you on the 25th and i'll see you then >> all right. thank you very much. >> content calendar please read the item. >> item 9 on the consent calendar are considered to be routine by the san francisco public utilities commission. there will be no separate discussion unless the public requests in the event the item be moved >> we have noticed that item 9 a is moved. any other item you wish to
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remove? >> i'll entertain a motion to approve the consent calendar. all in favor? motion carries. and now we move on to regular business >> item 10 approve the selection of brown and caldwell for agreement c s 25 and authorize the manager to approve the contract not to exceed 10 years subject to board of supervisors approval. >> morning. general manager arrest the contract that you have before you today is for preliminary it is not to exceed 10 years or $80 million. in the implementation of the
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digester project. it was commissioned in 1952. it handles 80 percent of the cities sewer system. it - the rfp set high standards. the team before you of consideration is made up of brown and calling we will and black and beach in the wastewater industry. we initialed this to code to what the staff has today. this exceeds the goal by more than 35 percent where we have negotiated scope and scheduling for technology selection and conceptual engineering. additionally the team will analysis the team built bid.
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prior to interfinal design we will return to you what the sequa analysis and is delivery method. the brown and cal welling well team has met our scheduling requirement and they have made a commitment of $10 million over the life of the project. and the benefits program those are private sector resources dedicated to the local community at no expense to the taxpayers. the contact will be presented to the brvr for their consideration. from a schedule prospective it would be our goal a notice the brown and caldwell team this
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july >> any questions? public comment? >> i'd like to bring to the attention to the commissioners one or two points. some 12 years ago the said company was chosen to start work. and then bankruptly the san francisco utilities commission put a stop to it. so i'm happy that the 3 primes are going to give us their best service. another point i want to make is when the task force was formed they worked hard to choose the best location. they were many locations prone
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to flooding. they're looking at a location and hopefully another location where the present asphalt plant is so the best touching facilities when we're talking about digesters this is not a joke. this is something that requires a lot of expertise. so i'm happy and i want to say very publicly and i want to thank doctor jackson especially for promoting and sticking to her guns and allowing this project to start earlier than was planned. and i want to thank those commissioners who heard our plea for spept what the community had
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to say. the stench we want it gone. gone, gone, gone away. the mosquitoes the contamination and the pollution. now i'm speaking as an economist we want it gone. i know this will come before the board of supervisors and their should be no problem for the board of supervisors okaying this project. just like we opened up building 505 that was a legacy when this digester comes on line a legacy for the whole nation. i'm going to watch this project
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like a hawk. and i i want to thank you very much for supporting this community. thank you very much >> thank you. mr. smith >> thank you, commissioners. i'm shawn xhith e smith i'm with local 22. the commissioner said the time has come for this project to move forward. the carpenters have been wasting and the community. i had a lot to say in moving this forward but as the carpenter local 22 we want to encourage you to take this first step and move this project forward and make this a safe
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community >> anyone else? >> i was looking at the community benefit that were and here i think it's one million dollars over a 10 year period. i don't think that's enough money for the community to be developed for a - where they're given a one million dollars over 10 year period for this facility. i think the community deserves to be represented a little bit better than that to show why to be involved. in they're not developed then the community will definitely be the big loser but i'd like to see the community where they can truly be compensated for being a
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participant in the investment of the digesters >> i want to clarify that. so when we talk about community benefits and sometimes, people definition of community benefits is different than others. but we the consultant who will come on aboard to help us design what are they lifeguard to give to the community that we're trying to serve free of charge. so this is what they plan to give to the community free of how far. it's not what we're giving the puc or anything. that's something if we didn't have the community benefits we wouldn't have gotten this piece of money. so i want to point out this is part of the community policy
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that we put in place and that's what the consultant is willing to give >> in addition to all the other benefits. >> there's going to be the actual puc sitting down with the community and one of the things we're not only doing it with this community but all contracts we ask the consultants what can you do to help serve the community. >> i want to follow up on that, too. and it took quite a bit of work. and it was really have you found as a landmark piece of policy from across the country looking at public utilities.
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i think that money is generous. i would like to commend, you know, and now we have a department set up to implement that policy. we're doing all we can to make sure the community is benefiting from not only the private firms that are contracting with the puc and by the puc. i want to reiterate the importance of that and the commitment of this commission and the entire department >> if i can quickly add. the other thing that a partisans. we're asking everyone who participate what are you willing